Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honey, do you want to keep your sideburns?..Oh, nevermind...

I may have just given my very last haircut to my two youngest boys. Josh, age 6, did okay, but informed me that he would rather opt for this:

A barber, in other words.

My 13 year-old, Gabe, was less diplomatic. I apparently have no bedside manner. So he offered to pay me not to cut his hair. I deferred payment and told him I got the hint.

Which is just okey-dokey. I'm pretty sure I pay more to cut my boys' hair myself than I do when I take them to a barber. I think the actual haircut looks pretty okay, but at this moment I'm covered in tiny, prickly hairs and spent 15 minutes vacc'ing up hair. I think I got a hair splinter in my left pinkie. I'm serious. Plus, I think I heard the words, "bowl cut" come out of someone's mouth (not Jon's, bless his heart) after taking a look at Gabe's hair.

So, Emily & Jodi at B.L.Barber, we'll be back next month for our regularly scheduled haircuts, and I may be tipping more than my usual amount.

You're worth every penny.

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